Australia has around 40 universities and virtually all of them offer study in marketing at the undergraduate degree level, with three years the norm for a Bachelors degree.

Most Australian universities are in the mainland capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra, but there are also universities based in various regional centres.

The larger universities typically have fairly large marketing departments containing academics specialising in various aspects of marketing. These departments also tend to be more research focused than the smaller departments in smaller universities. These smaller departments usually contain academics that are more generalised in their marketing focus, but the trade-off for the student is usually smaller class sizes than in the larger universities.

flinders campusQuite  a few (but not all) Australian universities also offer postgraduate coursework study in marketing, usually a named degree like a Master of Marketing, or a general postgraduate business degree (like an MBA or a Master of Commerce or Business) with an option to specialise in marketing.  A number of these universities have acquired international accreditation for their business degrees (including degrees in marketing) from either or both of AACSB and EQUIS.

It is also possible to study for a research degree in marketing at several Australian Universities, either a Masters by research or a PhD. The key thing for students to look for here is the supervisor since a research degree in Australia is really like an apprenticeship with the academic supervisor as the mentor. Having an experienced supervisor is a big plus in these situations, and these tend to be located more in the larger, research oriented universities. However, good supervision can also be found at smaller universities.

Australia has dynamic and progressive education programs, a relaxed and safe lifestyle, cheaper study and living expenses compared to many other countries, vibrant multicultural cities, great weather, amazing landscapes, and unique flora and fauna.

Australian universities have excellent reputations for both teaching and research, and their qualifications are internationally recognised and highly thought of by employers and other universities all over the world.

Australia provides a safe, relaxed and multicultural environment. We encourage people to maintain their original culture, while taking on an Australian identity.

Students in Australia also enjoy unparalleled access to cultural and sporting activities during their study breaks, at a considerably lower relative cost than in other developed countries. Australian sporting clubs in every town and city welcome student participation by offering students a wide range of interesting activities all year round.

International students can also apply for work rights, allowing them to work up to 20 hours a week during term, and full-time during holidays, which encourages initiative and the development of independence and maturity.