The USA is the most popular international study destination in the world, attracting more overseas students than any other country.

This enigmatic nation is a world leader in finance and commerce and the political decisions made here have a bearing on the world as a whole. America exerts a huge influence on contemporary global culture. It is ethnically diverse and multicultural, having been shaped by settlement and mass migration.


A vast nation of fifty states, each one of those states has something different to offer an international student. From picturesque rural towns to vibrant, bustling cities, from small colleges to huge universities, the United States has something to suit everyone.

US educational institutes offer state of the art facilities and excellent resources. A US education is based on quality and flexibility and will enable you to realise your own American Dream.

In the USA, there are various types of institutes in the higher education system. State universities and private universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. State universities have lower tuition fees than private universities but the class sizes are larger.

Community colleges offer two-year associate degree programs whilst technical or vocational colleges prepare students for a particular industry.

Technical and vocational colleges offer technical and vocational programs designed to prepare students for work in a particular industry.

There is an English language program for you in the US whatever your level. Studying English here will give you the chance to speak with native English speakers every day.