Canada is a top class international study destination choice. A huge nation stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada provides a wealth of opportunity for any overseas student.


As well as being a land of stunning natural beauty with mountains, lakes, prairie, forest and glacier, Canada is home to vibrant, cosmopolitan cities and has a thriving music, entertainment and art scene.

Canada is considered a safe place to study and the standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Indeed the UN has consistently ranked Canada as one of the top ten places to live in the world since 1994.

Canadians place a high emphasis on education, and the Canadian government allots substantial  spending to the education system.  Canada was a pioneer in the use of internet in the classroom with its SchoolNet program.

The universities are well equipped with excellent facilities and studying at a Canadian university will ensure a quality education and qualifications that will be respected globally.

Other study options for overseas students are university colleges, community colleges and career colleges.
Both English and French are the official languages of this bilingual nation and there are English courses and French courses here to suit everyone.