California, the third largest state in the United States, is a land famous for its exceptional opportunities.

Often referred to as “The Golden State,” California is truly the place where you can have it all – you can earn a degree at the school of your dreams, bask in dreamy weather, and spend your weekends at the beach, desert, forest or a snow-capped mountain.

Welcome to California, where the sun shines and dreams come true.

Study California

golden gate bridgeStudy California is a membership-driven non-profit public benefit corporation of the State of California formed for the purpose of bringing talented international students to diverse educational programs offered by California’s institutions of higher education and English language programs.

Because the demand is so high for education in the United States, and because California offers such a diversity of quality programs, Study California was formed to offer students and advisors one place where individuals could search for programs.

Study California strives to increase the number of international students enrolling in California’s schools and universities, as well as to facilitate partnerships between California’s schools and schools abroad. It is an important mission of the organization to embrace other culture and further cross-cultural understanding globally. We hope to make the state of California a top study destination worldwide! If you are looking for a school in California, or if you would like to help us facilitate Study California’s goals, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Life in California

It’s not called ‘The Golden State’ for nothing – California is bursting with golden sunshine and golden opportunities of many kinds.

Home to the eighth largest economy in the world, Silicon Valley and a myriad of top-ranking universities, California is not only beautiful, but a smart place to build your future. Silicon Valley – the hub of revolutionary technology companies such as Apple and Google – and the state’s aggressive renewable energy goals make the Golden State a golden opportunity for potential residents.

california countrysideWhether you dream of studying at a hot beach or a cool mountain; at an enormous public research university or a modest smaller college; in the bustling city or the humble countryside – with so many schools to choose from, you’re sure to find your academic home in our state. With its unique three tiered higher education system, as well as hundreds of other private universities, California has a school to match your needs.

With world renowned national parks and recreation within California’s borders you can enrich your education with infinite activities – art museums, beaches, golfing, hiking, nightlife, ski resorts, Hollywood, theme parks, wineries, and more!

Study, explore, and learn why so many choose California!