For those who wish to study undergraduate or postgraduate studies abroad, a warning: in addition to carefully choosing the location and the course, Brazilians students need to think about how to validate in Brazil the diploma that will be obtained in another country. Brazil does not have agreements for automatic recognition of diploma, so anyone seeking recognition of a degree issued by a foreign academic institution must request a “revalidation” through a Brazilian university that offers the equivalent course or degree. It is an expensive and bureaucratic procedure and it can become traumatic if the student didn’t include this topic during the planning of the trip.

It is necessary that, when choosing an undergraduate or postgraduate course abroad, the student takes into account the equivalence in Brazil and which Brazilian university could do the revalidation of the diploma. Only Brazilian public universities can revalidate a foreign undergraduate diploma. Postgraduate degrees can be recognized by public and some private universities.

Moreover, it is also necessary to check the list of documents required by Brazilian universities for revalidation. Some of these documents issued in foreign territory should contain the authenticity of the Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin. This means that the student must already be in possession of these documents before returning to Brazil.

The cost of the recognition of the diploma must also be included in the budget when someone decides to study abroad. Some documents should be translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator (a standard page can cost around US$ 26). Brazilian universities also charge an administrative fee which depends on the university. The University of Brasilia – UNB, for example, charges R$ 500 (US$ 230). At the University of São Paulo – USP, the fee is R$ 1,530.00 (US$ 695).

Students who want to study abroad should also consider another thing: the course must be officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country. If the degree is obtained in a course not certified, the diploma will not be recognized in Brazil.

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Lis Dias