PRO Defend mattress protectors are made of Knitted Ticking Fabrics that are customised for use on mattresses.

It is made with intricate jacquard designs to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements.

The fabric is so flexible that it drapes well with your mattress.


PRO Defend Breathable Magic Membrane allows air to breathe through, but repels liquids.

The knitted fabric with customized membrane used in PRO Defend does not make any noise unlike other protectors.






PRO Defend Mattress protectors offer a very soft feel of the bedding surface which you a great comfort to sleep on.

This also helps to prolong your mattress life and keep them feeling fresh and clean.





It is Machine Washable with hot wash and can be tumble dried.

It can withstand minimum of 100 washes.





It has an Anti-Microbial treatment which keeps the mattress protected from Bacteria, Microbes, Dustmites, Bed Bugs, and other

potential allergens. It is a great and practical way to get protected from Asthma, Eczema and Pollen Allergies. 





Fitted Cover Style with elastic  band; designed for a perfect mattress fitting.





Young parents with kids need not worry about investing on comfortable mattresses because of having kids around.

PRO Defend protector keeps the mattress safe and protected as new.

This health mattress are very much useful for old aged and sick people, they can use mattress for their comfort and still protect it from

spreading infections.