How about Hawai‘i?

It is a big decision to study abroad. If you decide on studying in the United States of America, there are so many schools, colleges and universities to choose from, it is hard to know which one is best for you and your own personal goals. In your research, have you considered the state of Hawai‘i?

Kauai Community College PhotoHawai‘i is the 50th state of the US and is located about 4,000 kilometers from Los Angeles, a four and a half-hour flight. The state is made up of an island chain with language schools, colleges, and universities that offer almost any course of study or major you might be considering. Hawai‘i has a strong tradition of education offering a combination of private and public universities and language schools, community colleges, and boarding schools for high school students.

The weather in Hawai‘i varies only slightly across the seasons. The average daytime temperature in the summer is about 29C and in the winter, around 25C. Nights are a little cooler, just the right temperature to sleep comfortably. However, Hawai‘i is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world and depending on the island and location, you can find a climate that suits you best from the snowy peak of Mauna Kea on Hawai‘i Island to the warm, sunny beaches of Oahu, Maui or Kauai. Hawai‘i receives a healthy amount of rain which keeps the island green and beautiful. This same rain is responsible for the amazing full rainbows you will certainly see if you visit the islands.

But what makes Hawai‘i truly unique is its multicultural communities. Unlike any other state in the US, Hawai‘i has no ethnic majority. International students, no matter where they come from, can feel welcome and accepted on arrival. The local culture of Hawai‘i is based on family and community values. People are friendly and it is not usual to be greeted with a hearty “aloha” when passing a stranger on the campus.

Waimea JumpDay to day living is very pleasant. In the more urban areas, like the capital, Honolulu, students can easily get around using public transportation. In smaller towns on the neighbor islands, students can walk to campus or ride a bike. Housing is affordable, and depending on which school you decide on, you can be sure that you will find a reasonably priced place to stay. Students in Hawai‘i have a number of choices when it comes to meals. Farmers’ markets are common and recently Hawai‘i was voted #5 in the country for being the easiest to eat locally produced food. Students quickly learn the best places to shop for food and to eat, and because of the diverse population, you can find almost every kind of dish imaginable! In addition, Hawai‘i is a safe place to live and study, especially when compared to American cities on the mainland.

HPA lab HawaiiIn terms of academics, Hawai‘i excels in many areas. There are world-class boarding schools for high school students, accredited private language schools, reasonably-priced community colleges, and excellent research universities. Hawai‘i-based schools put a high emphasis on the sciences, and with its diversity of eco-systems, the state itself becomes your laboratory. For example, there are a number of excellent marine science and tropical forestry programs, as well as world-class programs on astronomy and volcanology. You can also study business administration, computer sciences, and economics. As one of the world’s top tourism destinations, Hawai‘i is also the perfect place to study hotel management, hospitality, and culinary arts.

So when you are researching your perfect place to study abroad, remember to look into Hawai‘i. The Study Hawai‘i website is an excellent portal to more specific information on our state, and the different study abroad opportunities our state has to offer. We hope that you consider Hawai‘i as your study destination!