Study English in the UK

We love Brazilian students in the UK, and you seem to love us too! Last year Brazil was the third biggest market for the 455+ language centres which are members of English UK, up from seventh place in 2011. So why should you consider coming to the UK to improve your English?

There are lots of reasons, especially if you are going to choose a fully-accredited centre which is a member of English UK.
We’re a not-for-profit organisation which is committed to quality, which means you can choose the course which suits you with confidence. We have a huge range of member centres, ranging from state universities and further education colleges to privately-owned colleges and boarding schools.

Whatever your needs, one of our 455+ member centres will be able to meet them. Want to prepare for university entrance? Perfect your academic writing? Get specialist Business English skills and vocabulary? Or just want a general English course, at any level? Perhaps you want to combine your studies with a fantastic social life, or sport, or exploring the UK’s culture or history, or even using us as a base to see Europe? You can do all of these things, and more, by coming to one of our member centres.

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So why come to the UK? We can think of at least ten good reasons:

  1. The UK has the largest range of English language courses in the world. You can study IELTS or General English – or English with law, football, art and design, horse-riding, tennis…the list is endless. You can even learn by making radio programmes, or in London’s museums and art galleries. Find your perfect course at
  2. British qualifications are internationally recognised and valued.  They will boost your career and your salary, no matter where you work. Whether you want to boost your Ielts score, take a Cambridge exam, or need another qualification for your future, they’re all available here.
  3. The UK has some of the best English teaching centres in the world. Whether you choose a university, a state college or a privately-run centre, you’ll find the latest teaching methods as well as traditional techniques. More than 455 of the best providers are English UK members — look for our logo for reassurance.
  4. You can live with a friendly family, in a student residence, or private accommodation.  Your language centre will help you make the right choice.
  5. Studying in Britain is great value for money without compromising on quality. Use the course finder at
  6. The UK is a great place to visit. Grand ceremonies, like the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, are open to everyone – and so is an evening in a cosy British pub. International students find a very warm welcome here, and tell us how friendly British people are. And we know you’ll love our nightlife!
  7. … and a fantastic place to explore. We have beautiful landscapes, great museums, lively cities and colourful history, all within easy travelling distance.
  8. Our cities are the most cosmopolitan on Earth. Study here and you’ll make friends and sample food from all over the world.
  9. Studying English in the UK raises your chances of getting a university place here. Almost 60 per cent of international students who successfully apply to UK universities are already studying here, usually on English language or international foundation year courses.
  10. The UK is the home of the English language. Where else would you want to learn it?


There are other advantages to choosing an English UK member centre, too. Every single one has to be fully accredited by the British Council — so they all meet the same high quality standards. So it doesn’t matter if you choose the cheapest or most expensive option: you’ll get the same high standards of education and care. Our members are all regularly reinspected by Accreditation UK, so standards don’t slip. Inspectors check student teaching, progression and welfare, teachers’ qualifications, the centre’s resources and management, and also that accommodation, whether a homestay or a residence, meets the required standards.

Students in English UK member centres are also uniquely protected. There is a complaints procedure you can use if there are serious problems (but complaints are thankfully very rare, and we usually solve them informally). Also, you are protected if your study centre closes. This is also very rare but our Student Emergency Support Fund will work to find you a nearby centre where you can complete your course at no extra cost.

Interested in coming to join us, and making new friends from all over the world both in our classrooms and in your social life? It couldn’t be easier to find the right course for you. Think about what you want from your time in the UK, and then use the Course Finder on our website to narrow down your choice to the perfect one for you. It’s available in eleven languages, including English [www.english] and Portuguese. []

There’s lots more general advice about studying in the UK on our website, too, at

We can’t wait to meet you.