California University Experience (CUE), hosted by Azusa Pacific University (APU), is a 15-day program geared towards international students looking to further their education in America, specifically California. APU is the highest ranked Christian University according to U.S. News and World Report. With average class sizes of 19 students, and a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, our students receive highly individualized attention from professors. CUE article pic 1APU is located approximately 26 miles (41 kilometers) from Los Angeles, and 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Disneyland.

APU offers 55 bachelor’s degrees, 43 master’s degrees, 18 certificate programs, 14 credential programs, and 8 doctoral programs. With a student body of just over 10,000 students, it is our goal to make sure each student is in the correct area of study. The CUE program is designed to help students make the decision for college easier by offering college visits as well as class sessions.

The CUE programs has three main objectives for each student: learn about the American university system, visit between 8 and 12 California universities to help students discover the kind of school that will be the best fit, and practice English within the American culture through classroom instruction and immersion. The three main objectives combine to provide a transformative and enjoyable learning experience. It is our goal to ensure that students leave the CUE session having more knowledge and feeling better about the upcoming college decisions.

Classroom instruction
student groupDuring a CUE session, students will participate in up to 20 hours of classroom time. Highly trained staff members, specializing in international education, will lead class sessions and provide learning opportunities for CUE participants. Teachers will provide a number of learning incentives to help students get the most out of their classroom instruction time. Each student will be required to create a Capstone Presentation in which they will compile all of the learning from CUE into one comprehensive presentation. At the end of this experience, each student will be presented with a certificate of completion, signifying his or her successful completion of California University Experience.

Students will stay within Azusa Pacific University dormitories during CUE. In this time CUE participants will live within the dorms and being to understand what it is like to live in on-campus housing within universities. CUE staff members will accompany students within the dormitories at all times. During the on-campus stay, students have access to laundry facilities and will be responsible for doing their own laundry during CUE.

Meals, transportation, and costs
Meals, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses will be covered for students during a CUE session. The price of the program includes three meals per day, transportation to and from off-campus events, and price of admission to theme parks and other California attractions. Students are responsible for personal expenses during a CUE session. Families of CUE participants are responsible for airfare and medical insurance costs. Each student must have up to $10,000.00 USD medical/travel insurance coverage for any medical related expenses.

University visits
studentsDuring a CUE session, participants will tour between 8 and 12 universities including, but not limited to Azusa Pacific University, USC, UCLA, The Claremont Colleges, and UC Riverside.

During the program we offer a variety of seminars including How Admissions Counselors Choose Students, How to Apply to College, How to Write a Personal Statement, and a Panel Discussion on being an International Student.

student groupExcursions
Throughout the course of CUE, students will visit many of California’s top attractions including Disneyland, Los Angeles, Hollywood, The Getty Museum, shopping in Los Angeles, Staples Center, Baseball games, and many more!

Azusa Pacific University requires students to be no younger than 15 years of age and no older than 20 years of age. It is our goal to help students find an undergraduate institution, within California, to fit their needs both academically and spiritually.

The cost of California University Experience for 2015 is $2,600.00. Included in the price of the program is admission to Disneyland and other excursions, meals, transportation including airport pick-up and drop-off as well as off-campus events, living accommodations, seminar fees, and lifelong tools for college admission.

Why enroll in CUE?

  • cue student groupImmerse yourself into the American culture through an Evangelical Christian community
  • Learn more about God while gaining a better understanding of yourself
  • Define your priorities to help understand the transformative impact you will have on the world
  • Interact with universities that you may not have otherwise interacted with
  • Challenge yourself to transform into more of who you were made to be

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