They have all embarked on the adventure of studying abroad and agree unanimously that it was a worthwhile experience  that broadened their horizons culturally and professionally.

Joaquim BarbosaJoaquim Barbosa

He is the president of the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court and the first afro descendent to join the highest court. And he is also an example of how schooling can transform lives.

Son of a bricklayer, Barbosa overcame poverty investing in education. With a scholarship, he obtained a master and doctorate degrees at the university of Paris-II in France. He also learned four different languages during periods of study in England, USA, Austria and Germany. Now, he is on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world, published by Time magazine.

Tiago Leifert

To be able to study abroad, Tiago Leifert made a deal with his father: “I promised to be a top student, to get a top internship and to be a popular student.” And that’s how it happened. The versatile presenter, who now has a top job at Rede Globo, studied journalism and psychology at a college in Miami and has no regrets: “It was the best decision I ever made in my life.”

Tiago said that before going there, he hated the U.S., but the experience at college changed his mind. Now, he plans to return one day, this time to stay. “I’d like to grow old in Miami.”

Mariana Ximenes

Studying abroad was also a remarkable experience for the actress Mariana Ximenes. At the age of 16, she went to England to study theatre in London for four months. She loved London and returned again in 2011.

Bianca SalgueiroBianca Salgueiro

In 2012, the young actress spent four weeks studying in California. It wasn’t her first experience of this kind. Some years earlier, in 2010, Bianca had studied in Boston, also in the U.S.

Bianca, who plays Anita at the soap opera Malhação, chose EC San Diego school, in San Francisco, for a General English course. The weather of the region and the location of school – near the beautiful La Jolla Cove beach – had influenced the decision.

The young girl decided to stay with a family and, for her, the home stay experience exceeded all expectations. “I stayed with an amazing family. They really adopted me during the time I was there”.

Jô Soares

Presenter of a famous talk show in Brazil, Jô Soares is known for his intelligence and wit. He is always ready to make a joke with the guests that he interviews.

He studied from the age of 12 to 17 at the Lycée Jaccard, Switzerland, and he has fond memories of that time. “This was the only period at school of which I have happy memories.”

Thiago FragosoThiago Fragoso

The Brazilian actor Thiago Fragoso was also an international student. He lived in Alabama, U.S for one year where he graduated in the Lamar County High School.

Thiago took classes of American and British literature. “It was the best time of my life. I learned a lot and I changed as a person” said the young actor. The experience was so good that he encouraged his friend Carolina de Oliveira to study abroad.

Carolina de Oliveira

After one month of study, the actress Carolina de Oliveira returned from Canada to Brazil very pleased with her first studying abroad experience.

Encouraged by her friend Thiago Fragoso, Carolina travelled to a cultural exchange study period and stayed with a host family in Vancouver. Despite the low temperatures, the experience was a dream that came true for her. “Those were the best days of my life, different from anything that I had ever done before”.

Rodrigo Santoro

The most famous Brazilian actor in Hollywood could not be left out of the list of people who have had the experience of studying abroad. To develop his international career, Santoro improved his English by living and studying in the United States.

With several international productions under his belt, he now speaks English fluently. Remarkably, he didn’t begin learning until he was aged 27! “A few years ago I only knew how to say ‘the book is on the table’ and ‘where is the restroom?’”